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A Small Town Girl And Her Dreams

Hi, I'm Ashley Adkisson, the Founder of Bling & Buttons. I am just a small town girl who had a love for fashion from the get go. As a child I would dream up elaborate clothing designs, however, because of my HORRIBLE drawing skills nothing ever became of it. Many thought I was a daydreamer who was always moving on to the next adventure. Some joked that I could have been a doctor after all the years of different education programs I invested my time into. Little did I know I was on the path to becoming an entrepreneur. In high school I won "best dressed" by my classmates and also won a local pageant, which I credit to my gorgeous gown. It would be much later, after a 10-year career in Medical Skincare, that I would come back to my passion for fashion.

A simple pair of jeans...homemade bedazzled jeans!

Yes, really... that's where it all began...well, other than my persistently encouraging friend who kept pushing me to start this business after hearing me complain about how frustrating it was trying to find the "right" bling.  You see, I want to live in a world of lavish luxuries, however like most, I have to operate with a reasonable budget. I thought it would be easy just to hop on Ebay and find what all I wanted. Instead, after countless hours of browsing and wasting dollars on total junk, I found that it really wasn't that easy after all. I kept asking myself, "why is it so difficult to find all the products I want in ONE place, without having to weed out all the junk or pay YSL prices? There has to be other girly-girls who want the same things." So I took it upon myself to be that childhood designer and create that place myself, without even having to use my own drawings!

A Place For Us

Everything has been very carefully selected after months of product research & testing, with endless searching for unique designers to partner with. Calling back to my pageant history, this is my attempt to obtain WORLD PEACE... at least for my fellow fashionistas. What can I say, I love this line! I've had so much fun creating it and there is still SO much more to come. For me, one of the most rewarding moments came when my daughter told me she was proud of me and wanted to be just like me. I'm continually inspired to keep working toward my dreams and be that same inspiration for others to achieve theirs. So despite the challenges along the way, I'm convinced we are going to "change the world"...one bling at a time! With much credit due to my 'persistently encouraging friend', great family support, and the wonderful investor who had faith in me, I welcome you to our amazing little world of luxury.


Sincerely Yours,




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